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Welcome to 3DGaming

Introduction - Then and Now


Back in the mid to late 1996 some early pioneers and advocates created 3DGaming.com to provide quality and easy to read information and about the emerging 3D graphic and audio and gaming markets.  The focus of the site was on providing quick, accurate, and simple to understand information on the cutting edge 3D graphics technology and on the growing base of 3D games exploding onto the scene.  David Silva (aka Jack Frost) wrote most of the technical and editorial articles at first.  Chris Silva setup a PERL based BBS which he subsequently heavily modified to speed up the performance, and reduce the CPU requirements.  David lent a hand to customize the HTML and CSS.  With this start the Silva brothers created one of the first social networks using a combination of custom forums and automated reviews. 

Nick Del Grande, Chris Angelini, and others from the community quickly joined the brothers and by December 1997 we were getting 50k unique hits a day!  This early social network was far from what we now see as web 2.0, but the idea of creating a website that was built on the community was firmly implanted.

And Now

In 2008 we decided to revive the old site, bring back some of those old articles for nostalgia and possibly create some new content and build a bit of a community based on some new software that Chris and Dave are working on.  We will be rolling out these updates soon and we hope you like them.


Tournament Hook-up

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Got game?  Looking to show off your skills, or improve them through competition? Well, 3DGaming is a big believer in bringing gaming to the next level.  When 2D was the standard we introduced and evangelized 3D graphics and audio.  Now 3D is king so what's next?  We say get off of your couch, away from that dark dungeon you call a room and get into the real world.

Look for the hottest video game tournaments in your area through 3DGaming's social network. 3DGaming can become the most effective and powerful tool in helping you find competition near you. And if you have ambition then host and promote your own successful video game tournament.

This site will be completely driven by you, the video game community. Here you will be given the opportunity to post upcoming video game tournaments or browse what’s happening in your area. Whether you’re setting up a LAN party at your house, or a larger tournament at the local hall 3DGaming will give you the tools and the audience you’ll need to make it happen.

Coming soon...


3DGaming is Back!

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After a few years of hiatus 3DGaming is back online.  We won't be trying to return to the old days, but we will be posting up some of the old articles for those of us old folks that want to remember back to the days when:

  • Getting 30fps at 360x240 in 3D was a big deal.  
  • VideoLogic's PowerVR and 3Dfx's Voodoo were on top, and ATI and Nvidia were struggling to make a decent integrated 2D/3D chip that could rival Matrox.
  • Cirrus Logic, Tseng Labs, Oak, Trident, and Chromatics still existed.
  • S3 dominated the graphics world.
and much much more!

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